For the world is hollow
and I have touched the sky.

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"What I meant to say, was that you don't need these things to face your fears."

In another sleepless night, he walked the narrow flight of stairs. The icy planks whined beneath his feet. Moonlight fell through the white curtains. They fluttered on the walls, like apparitions floating in a...

The day was still early, and he had a habit of working at night. He lay on the bed and started thinking. The weather outside was bright and crisp. His stomach growled and he remembered he hadn't eaten since…since a very long time. He was running on empty. No wonder he felt tired and irritated. That...


I'll finish it this time even if it's a flaming pile of garbage

I feel like 2017 is the year of the revival of pulp western

所以说电视剧要从革命开始拍吗...感觉结局就是连枪侠的剧情都没拍到就被腰斩,为什么改编无论漫威、广播剧还是电视剧都这么执迷于小说一笔带过的剧情...我还是挺想看Walter如何勾结Farson去瓦解the Affliation,Gilead起内讧处决奸细...不过继承电影版设定的话还有Farson吗??????还有少年男主感觉会有很多槽点


Tall, dark and handsome is about to crash the party.